A Course in Mathematical Cryptography

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Product Overview

Cryptography has become essential as bank transactions, credit card infor-mation, contracts, and sensitive medical information are sent through inse-cure channels. This book is concerned with the mathematical, especially algebraic, aspects of cryptography. It grew out of many courses presented by the authors over the past twenty years at various universities and covers a wide range of topics in mathematical cryptography. It is primarily geared towards graduate students and advanced undergraduates in mathematics and computer science, but may also be of interest to researchers in the area.

Besides the classical methods of symmetric and private key encryption, the book treats the mathematics of cryptographic protocols and several unique topics such as:

Group-Based Cryptography
Gršbner Basis Methods in Cryptography
Lattice-Based Cryptography

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 389 pages
Publisher: de Gruyter
13-Digit ISBN: 9783110372762
10-Digit ISBN: 3110372762