A.D.H.D.: A Systematic Review

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Throughout history, society has viewed ADHD and ADHD--like behavior differently. Often, those without ADHD are ignorant to the disorder, and label individuals with ADHD as lazy, disorganized, and cognitively inferior to others. For the longest time, caregivers, instructors, and peers attributed hyperactive and inattentive behavior on the students' will to impede success. However, researchers found reasons for these behaviors. Due to the knowledge and strategies to support the needs of individuals with ADHD, individuals with ADHD have become more successful. In addition, for a long time, there has been many debates over ADHD: many debate ADHD medications_ ADHD as the primary disorder or the co-morbidity_ alternative labels for ADHD_ and ADHD's existence. However, those opposing ADHD's existence, excuse the symptoms as lack of responsibility. A neutral perspective recognizes ADHD as a real disorder, acknowledging its difficulties, and feeding it's creativity and recognizing that there is not just one way to treat the disorder, thus, motivating individuals with ADHD to succeed. There are many ways to treat ADHD, such as synthetic medication and external support (academically and socially). Others believe in controversial alternative labels and treatment methods for ADHD. Supporting ADHD will prevent the unfair stigma surrounding ADHD. This stigma lowers self- esteem, and motivation to succeed.

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