A Teaching Guide For ELS, K, SLD, and Pre-K & K Autism

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Teaching a child with special needs can be both a rewarding and a daunting task. There are many recommended approaches, and it's a challenge to determine which is the most effective. Although disabilities and skill levels can vary, there is no substitute for the dedication of a teacher or parent striving to unlock a child's true potential.

In this helpful guide, Lillian Reider shares with you the innovative methods she's developed during over thirty years as a special-needs teacher. Reider has worked with all kinds of learning disabilities, such as autism, dyslexia, and developmental aphasia. Her Psycho Motor Processing Method teaches concepts through movement, allowing children to process lessons more effectively. Reider explains how this technique can be applied to diverse curriculums and disabilities.

Additionally, discover what early learning skills you can instill in your child before he or she officially attends school. Review recommendations for encouraging independence and recognition of patterns in daily routines and activities to foster basic math and reading skills. Reider also defines specific learning disabilities and the best types of instruction that complement them. Every child deserves a chance to shine, and by implementing these multisensory strategies, you're ensuring that opportunity becomes reality.

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