AGS Algebra 2 Student Textbook

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Product Overview

This wraparound Teacher's Edition for AGS Algebra 1 includes the full student textbook plus teaching strategies, lesson overviews, application activities, ideas for classroom projects, and tips on learning style. This program provides students a thorough coverage of algebra 1 skills with all of the concepts and skills they need to succeed in a first-year algebra course. The Teacher's Edition includes a planning guide for each chapter for teachers to layout lesson plans. This is followed by the daily lesson plans that layout the instruction notes in the margins around a reduced version of the student text, annotated with the answers. Each lesson follows a consistent approach presenting the overview and objectives of the lesson first before leading into the lesson highlighting tips and ways to reinforce and extend lessons. The corresponding student workbook pages are shown underneath the reduced student pages to identify when to assign the practice activities. The end of the book includes the answers to all of the supplementary problems.

Product Details:

Format: Hardcover 558 pages
Publisher: Pearson Education
13-Digit ISBN: 9780785435433
10-Digit ISBN: 0785435433