Algebra and Number Theory: A Selection of Highlights

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Product Overview

Algebra and Number Theory is a two-volume set that presents some fundamentals of mathematics in an entertaining and performing manner to examine many of the most important basic results in algebra and number theory, along with their proofs, and also their history. The following topics are covered:

The natural, integral and rational numbers
Division and factorization in the integers
Modular arithmetic
Exceptional numbers
Pythagorean triples and sums of squares
Polynomials and unique factorization
Field extensions and splitting fields
Permutations and symmetric polynomials
Real numbers
The complex numbers, the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra and polynomial equations
Quadratic number fields and PellÕs equation
Transcendental numbers and the numbers e and ¹
Compass and straightedge constructions and the classical problems
Euclidean vector spaces

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 342 pages
Publisher: de Gruyter
13-Digit ISBN: 9783110515848
10-Digit ISBN: 3110515849