Alzheimer's Disease: Clinical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategies

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Alzheimers disease refers to a chronic neurodegenerative illness which generally starts slowly and worsens over time, and may cause dementia. Dementia includes the brain disorders which cause a gradual but long-term decrease in one’s ability to think and remember. Some of the common symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include short-term memory loss, mood swings, disorientation, problems with language and behavioral issues. The causes of Alzheimer’s disease are not defined. However, a genetic involvement has been found in most of the cases. Treatment methods include validation therapy, reminiscence therapy, psychotherapy and simulated presence therapy. This book brings forth some of the most innovative concepts and elucidates the unexplored aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. The topics included herein on Alzheimer’s disease are of utmost significance and bound to provide incredible insights to readers. This book includes contributions of doctors and experts which will provide innovative insights into the diagnosis and therapeutic management of this disease.

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Format: Hardcover 184 pages
Publisher: Foster Academics
13-Digit ISBN: 9781632427847
10-Digit ISBN: 1632427842