Anatomy of the World of Business: Theories, Models, and Best Practices: Capstone Course, Volume 1

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Product Overview

Anatomy of the World of Business: Theories, Models, and Best Practices: Capstone Course (Volume 1) provides effective guidance for business leaders, managers, and graduate students, pursuing degrees in leadership and management fields.

This book is designed as the hands-on program to provide business executives with a chance to refresh and up-date their knowledge to succeed in running, managing, and operating practically any business with a little adjustment to business size and type. Discussions lead leaders and managers to deep understanding of the connection between theories and models, based on sound research, and practical implications, varied from business issues, situations, and cases, occurred in organizations quite often. Examples from real-world scenarios provide support to theoretical framework and set-up shift to new paradigm of making decision and creating solutions for improvement. Nine chapters of the book serve as a course of professional development for administrators, managers of all levels, and leaders performed in small business (both profit and non-profit), middle-sized firms, and global corporations.

The book also serves as a Capstone course for graduate students purchasing their degree in leadership and management field. The purpose of the book is to provide guidance for business leaders how to run, manage, and operate in rapidly changed world through the waves of disruptions. Students may use the book as a foundation for the literature review for the study of their choice, find the most vulnerable issue for deeper investigation within their thesis or dissertation, refresh or up-date their memory about what they learned during entire course, prepared them to become executives. Unique context provided in examples and practical implications may assist both students and executives apply strategies and initiatives used by the leaders of other organizations to handle situations and cases in their organizations. Material, incorporated in each chapter, facilitates discussions and inspires business leaders, managers, and graduate students purchasing their degrees in business administration, leadership, and management field in process of developing strong foundation how to operate in a variety of business approaches. Articles in the book are based on widely-recognized research and research provided by authors of this book for working purposes as organizational development consultants. Authors invite wide audience of leaders, managers, and graduate students to expand their knowledge how to operate in a variety of business approaches and resolve problems on practice. Multiply perspectives, provided in this book, make its context a powerful source of guidance how to meet and survive through the challenges of the 21st century. Authors believe that guidance provided in this book may assist leaders and managers of contemporary business organizations in nearly of each industry to operate in increasingly challenging fast-paced and often revolutionary updated environment.

The book also includes several models created by the authors that may assist leaders and managers operate in both routine and extreme situations, including recessions. Authors hope that readers will find this book helpful.

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Format: Paperback 264 pages
Publisher: Living Art Studio
13-Digit ISBN: 9780982724057
10-Digit ISBN: 0982724055