Autism ADHD OCD Color Therapy Manual: Drug Free Home Therapy Solutions for Developmental Delays

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My name is Dr. Mark Darner, BS, DACNB, FASA, developer of the Multi-Modal Therapy System. I hold degrees in Biochemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Fellowship with the Acupuncture Society of America, and Doctorate degree in Chiropractic. I have advanced clinical neuroscience Diplomate board certification through the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. I have completed the Clinical Neuroscience program through the prestigious Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies and I am a charter member of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. I have over the last twenty years observed that what is wanted and needed by patients is a simpler way to understand and talk about their conditions.

After reading numerous neurology texts, some advanced clinical in nature and some for the lay person, I observed that the majority of these texts continue to present neurology in such a complicated fashion that it does not yield understanding and only furthers the frustration of patients who seek to understand their conditions or the conditions of their family members.

I am presenting here a simplified, hopefully understandable, version of neurology for the patient to understand their conditions, to sensibly talk to their doctors, and to have a simplified at home therapy option for developmental delay.

I apologize to the neurologists and functional neurologists reading this text for some generalizations and assumptions will be made for simplicity and understanding that don't precisely correspond to the factual neurology of the topic. I think the importance of having understanding of condition outweighs some liberties I will take in describing the neurology and how it functions. I appreciate those of you were working in the field of functional neurology and I give thanks and recognition to my mentors and my colleagues.

Thank you for your interest in learning more about developmental delay concepts. The concepts here are very rapidly changing in scope and nature. I have endeavored to present a simplified way of thinking and understanding one's condition so that you may talk to your doctor and have a do it yourself option for home therapy for yourself or loved one. I hope this book will significantly reduce the amount of confusion you have concerning your condition. Many of the neurologically complex circuitry and pathways have been removed from the discussion. I will attempt to explain conditions and how the nervous system physiology works in a way that is understandable for most patients. I will eliminate for the most part developmental embryological and unnecessarily complicated electrical schematics for the purposes of understanding as you go through the material. I will identify more generally the nature of the condition and encourage you not to become frustrated, but to understand that the nervous system in its grand complexities can also be understood in a simplicity. Effective functional neurological treatment protocols can be highly successful. Current medical neurological approaches of drug interventions and symptomatic relief are not the only options in development delay treatment. I will tell you factually that there exists an innate intelligence in the body to alter both its function and structure. It just needs a bit of targeted stimulation to resume normal function.

The companion therapy manual for this book is also available on,, and contains all the evaluation and therapy protocols for developmental delay conditions described in this book.

You will after reading this book have a good grasp of developmental delay conditions, the primitive reflexes which need therapy, the hemisphere of the brain in delay in you or your loved one and the basic outline of my multi modal therapy system. So let's begin the description of developmental delay and what can be done about it. May you never be the same again!

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