Autism Laid Bare: A Practical Guide for Parents, Carers & Professionals

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Product Overview

Autism Laid Bare is a unique, informative and practical book which offers solutions and strategies for helping individuals with Autism. Based on the author's 18 years' hands-on experience in the Autism field, the book highlights the impact of a child's conditions on their parents' relationship. And whilst this is an educational book, it is nonetheless refreshingly different from any others that have been written about this subject. It's packed with illustrations, and offers support and advice for parents, carers, schools and Autism professionals. What stands out the most with this book is its light-hearted, easy to read narrative and a good peppering of humour throughout. There are also plenty of real-life stories (based on the author's years of experience in an all age (3-19-year olds) Autism Specialist School and College), and a plethora of rich insights from the pre-diagnosis stage to post-diagnosis. The author has put together a series of questions and answers that many people would be too scared to ask, and she shares her expertise with tact and sensitivity. The breadth of content that has been packed into this relatively short book means that it is a must-read for anyone whose lives are impacted by Autism.

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 198 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
13-Digit ISBN: 9781544813936
10-Digit ISBN: 1544813937