Autism Undiagnosed: A Biography of My Life with Undiagnosed Autism

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This book is a biography of my life with undiagnosed autism all the way from birth to age 35 years, and 10 months old. It shows how I did well with my teachers and peers in Special Ed but not in the regular classroom and I got in many fights with the boys. Then, in the 7th grade, I was in all Special Ed classes and did really well in all of them and got along great with all my teachers and peers. Then, I took a Student Achievement test that I scored well on making me the smartest student in the class. As a result, they decided to put me in all regular classes in the 8th Grade and I barely passed my classes with CÕs for years from that point on only because my mother drilled me to death for years on end for hours on end to pass all these classes that were way above my head.

There was no more positive enforcement in the normal world. All my teachers were down on me for not performing assignments and experiments well acting like it bothered them I was so dumb. My peers acted like they were better than me and really didn't want messed with me. I would ask for their help. Some would help me with my assignments but most got aggravated about it and asked why don't I just do them myself. They all put me down for not being sociably up to their par and I could no longer find a girlfriend. I also had trouble with bullies the first two or three years I was in all regular classes and the students would all take their side. A bully bashed my head into a brick wall and I got mad, hit him in the stomach and punched my lockers with my fists after this. The principal suspended me for three days. The special ed department refused to let them send me back to them when they wanted to throw me back in their face for what happened. They were on my side. The only problem is, their belief was that if my mother drilled me to death for hours on end for years on end I would somehow be able to perform any job anyone else could perform and be able to work anywhere I pleased if my mother drilled me to death for hours on end for years on end until the day I made straight AÕs in all regular classes or at least AÕs and BÕs I would be able to perform any job anyone else could perform.

This finally happened my third year of college and my fourth year at a technical college I even made the Dean's List one quarter and the President's list the other quarter. When this happened, I thought, "Finally! For the first time in my life I made straight As like everybody else just like I did in Special Ed in the 7th grade! I finally made it!"

When I would return to work having to settle for manual labor jobs because no one wanted to give me the time of day I would still be incredibly confused about how to perform all the tasks on my job put before me and had trouble doing anything right. When this happened I thought, "I don't understand! I caught up with everybody else in school! I made straight As like everybody else! Why am I still having this problem? I'm just as confused about how to perform a job anywhere as I always was and what just happened didn't do a thing to change it.

I was treated horrible by male doctors, nurses, and techs and "serious trended female nurses" throughout grade school and by "serious trended female nurses" in adulthood as well. I was also ridiculed by my peers in high school in college for having a voice talent because my body language I was trained to have was unacceptable in modern day society and was treated like a criminal as a result. I also had a bad hospital experience at age 35 and when things went south and Bertha saw I had autistic tendencies she decided to have me tested and I was found to have Autism active. After many struggles, we finally found a circle of doctors and nurses that understood and met my needs. Ten years later, there would be a turnover of nurses at that hospital causing me to have to search for another circle of doctors and nurses in a different area that understand me.

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Format: Paperback 676 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
13-Digit ISBN: 9781975889524
10-Digit ISBN: 1975889525