Changing the ADHD Game: How understanding neurotransmission can transform your life. A treatment model for adults

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Product Overview

If you are an adult with ADHD and you have been unsuccessful in getting your symptoms recognized and treated, Changing the ADHD Game will provide you and your doctor with a road map to guide you on your journey. Changing the ADHD Game holds the key to understanding how one achieves transformational success in the treatment of adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. In this book, Dr. Hoffer shares and explains his ground-breaking treatment model. His approach is a comprehensive answer to the lack of a proper pharmacologic approach to treatment for adults suffering from ADHD. From the patient's first visit through their education session and treatment, we witness and understand this journey from the perspective of both patient and doctor. If you are an adult with ADHD, or a parent with an ADHD child, or someone who has a relationship with a person with ADHD, you intuitively know that there is far more to the challenges one faces than just inattention. Dr. Hoffer's success in treating the other disabling symptoms of ADHD is the key to the transformational change that occurs with his patients and underlines his thesis that ADHD is better understood as SRDD- Self-Regulation Dysfunction Disorder. This new conceptualization emphasizes the broader understanding of the significant challenges that ADHD adults face in their daily lives. Changing the ADHD Game is a crucially important book for both adults with ADHD and the doctors who want to provide them with the highest level of care.

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Format: Paperback 262 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
13-Digit ISBN: 9781542820011
10-Digit ISBN: 1542820014