Chemistry and Environment: Legislation, Methodologies and Applications (1995)

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Environmental protection has been a matter of public awareness for many years. However, improvement of environmental quality is not always considered in terms of economic advantage. Rigorous evaluation of the relationship between economy and environment suggests a positive feedback between social benefits (public health, education, technology) and economic development. Definition of environmental quality includes determination of origins, distributions and dispersion mechanisms of xenobiotic substances. Risk assessment incorporating measures for preventive/corrective policy may then follow. Environmental protection requires global participation and concomitant exchange of ideas. The present book introduces specialists to environmental issues. In particular it supplements formal training in chemistry disciplines, covering:
  • Environmental protection regulations
  • Social cultural factors influencing environmental policy
  • Scientific tools to support the environmental management
  • Pollution dispersion processes
  • Analytical chemistry aspects
  • Protection and management of water resources
  • Hazardous waste treatments.

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Format: Hardcover 532 pages
Publisher: Springer
13-Digit ISBN: 9780792332404
10-Digit ISBN: 0792332407