Childhood Autism, Arthritis and Diabetes A Creation of the Fight or Flight Response

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This book is a companion book to "Cancer A Creation of the Fight or Flight Response" and "Mental Illness A Creation of the Fight or Flight Response". It describe the author's research completed for the Canadian Space Agency's (CSA) Manned Space Program in cooperation with the Russian Cosmonaut personnel in 2012 and 2013. The CSA personnel requested the author determine if his company's prognostic and health management (PHM) technology could predict with certainty which astronauts in the CSA's astronaut training program would become mentally ill on a deep space mission lasting several years.

An edited copy by the CSA of the research results were published at the 2013 IEEE/AIAA Aerospace Conference held in Big Sky Montana for the CSA's Predictive Medicine Program personnel and subsequently the full results were submitted to NASA Headquarters in 2013 and simultaneously published on-line for public access in the "American Journal of Applied Psychology". "The Cause and Recovery for Autism, Diabetes and Arthritis Using Space Age Technology" provides a complete program for understanding how autism, diabetes and arthritis is acquired and the recovery program for arthritis using the same strategy for defining the cause and recovery process for emotional and mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD, through bi-polar or schizophrenia.

The author includes existing theories on acquiring autism from Wikipedia to compare with the results from his research that answers the questions, how is autism, diabetes and arthritis acquired by a fetus and can people recover. This information has not been available previously from currently published information about autism, diabetes and arthritis. The author includes the description of why and how these diseases are acquired by both a fetus and people and how they are nothing more than our own body's evolutionary process for ensuring our daily/weekly/monthly health and safety always working to get us and keep us safe from outside threats and our own life threatening decisions and lifestyle.

Our protective system was not developed to keep us from the harm our protective system causes by its overuse as occurs in today's metropolitan lifestyle that was developed for the agricultural and rural lifestyle of our ancestors. The book includes two massive reference sections and excerpts in the body of the text from members of the existing and past medical community and their professional opinions that the author has refuted with his own research results at the beginning of the book. The author also includes results to answers to common questions left unanswered by the current medical industry community. The author hopes this book will initiate a new direction in developing faster recovery programs that are quicker than the one proposed by the author as well as a new effort for pharmaceutical companies to develop the drugs to suppress our fight-or-flight response (FOFR) that the author has illustrated is the root cause of autism, diabetes, arthritis, cancers and emotional and mental disorders as well as all non-genetic based disorders, diseases and illnesses.

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