Dyslexia is Not a Disease - It's a Learning Difference: Theoretical and Practical Approaches to Teaching Struggling Readers with Learning Differences

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Dyslexia is a neurological brain difference affecting as many as one in five people. As dyslexia is a specific language-based condition that can hinder a person's ability to read, write, spell, and even speak, society cannot afford to neglect the nearly 20 percent of the school population exhibiting mild to profound characteristics of dyslexia. Some professionals posit that the majority of high school dropouts are dyslexic learners who simply give up. With the future of so many students on the line, educators must not allow these struggling learners to slip through the cracks and fall behind their peers.

To address these issues, Dr. Mamie B. Crockett and Dr. Walter L. Crockett created this guide for educators to help dyslexic learners. By describing the characteristics of dyslexia and related behavior disabilities, discussing various learning behaviors, and suggesting strategies for learning that match each behavior, the authors give educators a practical and implementable plan for teaching dyslexic learners.

With a glossary of terms and special resources including websites, online resources, and cutting-edge technology, this book is an invaluable tool for educators and parents in their quest to support and accommodate struggling readers and dyslexic learners.

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