Everyone Pretend to Be Normal: Navigating the World of Autism

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Product Overview

This book is an autobiographical account of one family's journey through the puzzling maze of autism, as narrated by mother Rochelle Miller. Sometimes wry and irreverent, it tells of the challenges and triumphs involved with caring for two sons with Autism Spectrum Disorder, examining a serious subject in a sometimes not-so-serious light.

"There is much pain and some black humor along the path of raising autistic children but also quiet pride and solace gained by seeing progress made, however incremental. Rochelle Miller has raised not one but two children on the autism spectrum with the help and support of Ben and many others, she has now written her personal story with clarity and vibrance."
- The Honourable Tim Fischer AC, former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 106 pages
Publisher: Connor Court Publishing Pty Ltd
13-Digit ISBN: 9781922168269
10-Digit ISBN:1922168262