From Havoc to Harmony: 5 Steps to Restore Peace at Home and Rebuild Your Relationship with Your Adhd Child

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Does this sound like you? - Your Household is in chaos - Your child/teen just won't listen or do as told - There is a constant struggle over school work and missing assignments - You are arguing over house chores - There is regular yelling, fighting and door slamming (or worse: not talking) - And worst of all, there is a growing gap between you and your kid. If you said "yes" to any of these, then this book is for you! Just imagine, what your life could be like if your child would get up on time, go to bed when told, finish homework every day, clean their room, do their house chores, act polite and considerate. Ah! Wouldn't that be nice? This book is a 5-step program that allows you to restore and rebuild harmony in your home and your relationship with your ADHD kid. Here you will learn how to do the following: - Stop wasting energy on fighting and arguing - Build a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with you child/teen - Have more time to enjoy with your child/teen through more open communication - Reduce stress, stop premature aging and improve your quality of life - Have more energy and enjoy your life more - Get inspired and find fulfillment - Become happier and more productive.

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Format: Hardcover 166 pages
Publisher: Balboa Press
13-Digit ISBN: 9781982229832
10-Digit ISBN: 1982229837