Great Source Every Day Counts Calendar Math Algebra Readiness Kit Grade 6-7

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Product Overview

Every Day Counts Calendar Math Readiness Kit for 6th and 7th grades, gives students computer access to the full content of their textbooks along with interactive maps and an eGlossary. Aligned with NCTM Standards, Every Day Counts Calendar Math provides lessons and activities to preview, review, practice, and discuss critical math concepts and skills, all designed to build math understanding and raise standardized test scores in a few minutes each day.

The kit includes the following items:
Counting tape: number sense, patterns, number recognition, calendars for days of the week and months, patterns, counting Number Bears, Counting Cards: monthly number, one-to-one correspondence up to nine, small sets, numerals- Pick-a-Pocket Train: patterns, sorting, geometry, graphing data, measurement- Joining Hands to Make 100 and Penny Jar: one-to-one correspondence, sets of five and ten, making predictions- Make a Match: instant recognition of small sets, spatial perception, position words, numerals to Collect and Count: counting and grouping by tens, and more.

Product Details:

Format: Kit
Recommended Grade Level: 6th grade
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
13-Digit ISBN: 9780669519136
10-Digit ISBN: 0669519138