Horizons Math 4th Grade Student Book 1

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Product Overview

Horizon 4th Grade Math Student Book 1 reviews and expands previous coverage of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. New concepts introduced in 4th grade include multiplication of 2-digit times 2-digit with carrying, division, with 2-digit divisor and quotient, addition/subtraction of unlike fractions, pre-algebra concepts, ratios, and more.

Horizons Math 4 Student Book 1 is presented in a colorful format, which can be helpful for some students, but distracting for others. This consumable student workbook has removable pages, which is a plus. The spiral approach also is helpful for some students, but could be distracting for others. Since the review is built into each lesson, several topics will be covered in a single lesson. But most students benefit from some form of regular review.

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Horizons Math, for grades K-8, is a well-balanced, organized approach for teaching primary math skills and algebraic concepts. Composed of manipulatives, memorization, and drill, Horizons Math follows a deliberate pattern of introduction and gradual development to ensure student success. Fundamental concepts previously obtained in earlier units are reviewed in subsequent grade levels for true mastery. The goal of Horizons Math is for your student to develop solid math reasoning skills and learn to apply these skills to real-life situations. The major themes covered in this Christian homeschool curriculum are Numbers, Order, and Value; Addition and Subtraction; Ratios, Measurement, and Decimals; Fractions and Comparison; Equations, Colors, and Geometry; Graphs, Estimation, and Solving; Multiplication and Division; Linear and Quadratic Equations; Radical Expressions; Monomials and Polynomials; and Functions.

Horizons Math Curriculum uses a spiral learning method that helps students master concepts through a natural process of introduction, review, and reinforcement. As students are introduced to new concepts and review material from previous lessons, they stay excited about learning while growing academically.

To learn more about this curriculum, click to see Horizons Scope and Sequence.

Free Horizons Math Placement Tests

To determine the best Horizons Math level for your student, click the links shown below to open and print a free placement test. Each of these tests takes 30-60 minutes and includes instructions for scoring and evaluation of test results. The 1st grade test is taken orally with special instructions for scoring and remediation of weaknesses. For 2nd through 6th grade, instructions for scoring and evaluation of test results are provided in the answer key pages.

Product Details:

Format: Paperback
Recommended Grade Level: 4th grade
Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
13-Digit ISBN: 9781580959865
Item Code: JMS041