How to Differentiate Your Math Instruction, Grades K-5: Lessons, Ideas, and Videos with Common Core Support [With DVD]

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How can teachers meet the growing diversity of learning needs in their classrooms? Furthermore, how do teachers meet this challenge in the midst of increasing pressures to master specified content? How to Differentiate Your Math Instruction: Lessons, Ideas, and Videos with Common Core Support shares classroom practices that help all students be successful and that give teachers the means to honor individual students and meet curricular outcomes simultaneously. The need for differentiation has never been clearer; as stated in the introduction to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, "The Standards should be read as allowing for the widest possible range of students to participate fully from the outset, along with appropriate accommodations to ensure maximum participation of students with special education needs." This multimedia resource offers:

21 video examples that illustrate how everything from menus and tiered tasks to math workshops and multiple intelligences centers can be carried out in the classroom; support for the Common Core State Standards of Mathematics, including lesson examples that focus on certain standards and integrate mathematical practices; Take Action! callouts that highlight exceptional ideas for differentiation and allow a reader-friendly way to access the text; and reproducibles (downloads provided upon purchasing this resource). This resource includes 21 video segments filmed in actual K-5 classrooms. Clips range from one to twelve minutes in length, with a total viewing time of approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

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Format: Paperback 354 pages
Publisher: Math Solutions Publications
13-Digit ISBN: 9781935099406
10-Digit ISBN: 193509940X