Inside the Closed World of the Brain: How Brain Cells Connect, Share and Disengage--And Why This Holds the Key to Alzheimer's Disease

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Brain Science for Beginners: Understand dementia of old age by first learning how a normal human brain is organized.

If you struggle to understand media talk about the human brain and dementia of old age, then don't miss this book. Before something broken can be fixed, there is a need to know how it is supposed to work. Discover the facts about dementia by first reading what brain science research reveals about anatomy and physiology of a healthy human brain.

The final chapter of this book is devoted to Alzheimer's disease as an example of where normal brain physiology and function can go wrong. There Dr. Reece translates the original scientific literature, which most people cannot read, into everyday language. Most everyone has heard of Alzheimer's disease, but few people know much about it. Because Dr. Reece teaches college students human physiology, she is asked about dementia s by friends, family and strangers. People want to know: What is Alzheimer's disease? How is Alzheimer's disease different from just getting old? Can I avoid Alzheimer's disease? These conversations encouraged her to write "Inside the Closed World of the Brain." Her goal with this book is to provide people state-of-the-art information about how neurons and the brain's other 90% of cells work together and where brain function can go astray. Ultimately, understanding where things can go wrong will lead to prevention of all forms of the dementia of aging.

You can find out more about Dr. Reece's work mentoring anatomy and physiology studenta at her website https: //

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Format: Paperback 252 pages
Publisher: Reece Biomedical Consulting LLC
13-Digit ISBN: 9780996351300
10-Digit ISBN: 0996351302