Languages4kidz: Let's Get Fit!: English 4 Young Children Teacher's Guide

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Let's Get Fit! Teacher's Guide is one of the components of Languages4kidz, Inc. English 4 Young Children Program. Let's Get Fit! Teacher's Guide is broken down into 12 lessons. Each lesson introduces children to basic vocabulary, lovely songs, finger plays, stories, poems, hands-on experiences, early creative activities and games to help develop their skills in English.

Lesson 1 focuses on introductions and greetings. Additionally, there is a special emphasis placed on children's special characteristics and how they continue to grow. Activities designed for this lesson promote children's understanding of some of the things that make them special and different from others.

Lessons 2-6 help children learn about staying healthy. Children are engaged in activities that teach them healthy habits to practice every day and healthy foods that will help them stay strong and healthy. Activities include a beautiful picture book with recipes for a healthy snack.

Lessons 7-11 teaches children the importance of exercising and practicing sports activities to stay fit.Lesson 12 celebrates children's accomplishments. The lesson plan presents a review of children's favorite activities, songs and rhymes and encourages them to have fun showing what they have learned.

Each lesson in this Teacher's Guide includes at the beginning valuable information regarding the materials necessary to conduct the classes and vocabulary and structures that need to be introduced and/or practiced. Throughout this Teacher's Guide, you will find more information to help you focus on important teaching components. There are Information Boxes that provide statements that elaborate or give additional information about specific activities; Language Learning Boxes that focus your attention on relevant issues regarding language development and special Icons that facilitate the identification and location of activities in the lesson plans.Each lesson includes activities for the following:
a) Warm-up
b) Circle Time
c) Theme Focus
d) Theme Song
e) Creative Workshop
f) Story Time
g) Wrap-up

With this Teacher's Guide you can start teaching using whole language in context right away with minimal investment of time researching and creating your own lesson plans. Together with the Picture Books, Enrichments activities Booklets, CDs with songs, finger plays and rhymes, Languages4kidz Teacher's Guides provide you with the tools necessary to implement the program, and make it easy for children to gradually acquire and build up their vocabulary and communicative competence, catch up or improve their English language skills.Let's Get Fit! Unit Package has the following components: Let's Get Fit! Teacher's Guide with Enrichment Activities BookletLet's get fit! Picture BookRecipes for a healthy snack Picture Book, and Let's Get Fit! CD with songs, finger plays, rhymes and read alouds.Each item is sold separately.

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