Learn To Lead Workbook: Supervise - Influence - Motivate

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Product Overview

Introduction as a part of the first course... Management Versus Leadership - What it means to influence others as a leader in the organization.

Values Based Diversity - How generational change is influencing the model of work

Employee Motivation - How to motivate your employees and keep them motivated.

Communication - How to communicate effectively as a supervisor.

Coaching - How to monitor employee behavior and keep your team on the right track.

Conflict Resolution - How to resolve conflicts and still build trust with your team.

Corrective Counseling - How to change behaviors in others.

Goal Setting - How to set goals and map out exactly what it will take to succeed.

Problem Solving - The process that leads to workable solutions to even the most complex problems.

Group Decision Making - How decisions are made at work and how to make them better.

High-Performance Teams - How to pull your team together and move them from a group to top performers.

Ethics, Values, and Culture - How to create values through ethical work systems, and how to create the right culture for success.

Priority Management - How to put the right things into your work day and your life in order to achieve the right results

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 436 pages
Publisher: My Judo Life
13-Digit ISBN: 9781633900509
10-Digit ISBN: 1633900509