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LIFEPAC Art curriculum covers a broad scope of topics such as principles of color, styles of art, perspective, carving, and cartooning. The LIFEPAC Art Teacher Guide Book includes a synopsis of every LIFEPAC and clearly lists the materials required for each lesson, plus additional activities and supplemental reading. LIFEPAC student materials are sold separately.

he format of this Teacher's Guide differs slightly from other LIFEPAC Teacher's Guides. The nature of the Art curriculum differs as there are many "hands-on" activities as opposed to the pencil and paper activities of the non-electives. In art, the student learns best by doing the activities given, not by answering questions and preparing reports. As a result, the setup is geared toward ensuring the student understood the process of creating. All of the teacher's material for each individual LIFEPAC is in 1 section. The section begins with background information regarding an Arts Curriculum, Adult Checks for the activities, and supplementary activities to help reinforce the concepts presented. The remaining material found in the section includes, Self Test Keys, LIFEPAC Test Keys, Alternate Tests and Alternate Test Keys.

In our experience, most students have a wealth of material in their heads, and can express themselves with quite sophisticated ideas and concepts if given the chance. The problem is that at the early to late adolescent stage many children do not have the self-confidence and are too insecure to communicate these feelings and ideas. While these ideas presented may help at first, the parent will find most success in encouraging the student to use them as a starting point, to alter or build upon these supplementary activities. Eventually, with positive direction and constructive criticism, the student should feel confident enough in his or her ability to communicate ideas effectively, as well as confidence that their concepts and feelings will not be ridiculed, that they begin to generate ideas and directions of their own more effectively. We would encourage the teachers and parents to examine the student's ideas and subject matter and look for insight into the mind and personality of the student artist rather then limiting or censoring him. At the end of this teacher guide is an appendix featuring background on interpreting art, museum and gallery websites, supplemental worksheets and assessment pages.

A major recommendation from the authors is to have the student acquire a good general Art History book as a primary reference resource. Gardner's Art Through the Ages, tenth edition, by Richard Tansey, et. al., is an excellent source. If the price is too prohibitive, a used bookstore or college bookstore should have an earlier edition at a lower price. A good Internet source for a virtual art gallery is the Mark Harten Artchive ( which has an extensive cross-section of the various genres of the visual arts from cave paintings to Modern Art.

Their are recommended and supplemental materials listed in the Teacher Guide. Many of the materials recommended will be used throughout the entire ten LIFEPACs. Should the student continue in his studies, he will want to keep art supplies on hand on a more permanent basis. If the student lives near a museum, university or gallery, it would be beneficial to visit sometime during the year. There is no substitute for the impact of seeing a work of art in person. As always, the library is probably the best (and least expensive) resource for research into the visual arts. Libraries are filled with biographies, anthologies, and collected works of all the artists mentioned in this LIFEPAC Art Elective. It is our profound hope that you will find this information useful. Whatever you child's interests and aspirations, we are sure you will be pleased with the results of an education in the Arts.

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