Math Radar: Solutions Manual for Algebra: Algebra Parts I, II, and III combined

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Product Overview

Algebra of Math Radar Series is designed for students grades 6-10 who want to have a better understanding of the concepts from Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1. This combined book consists of three parts:

Part I: Number System
Part II: Expressions
Part III: Functions and Statistics & Probability

This easy to understand reference Algebra not only explains Algebra in terms that you can comprehend, but it also gives you the necessary concepts and guides to approach and solve different/complex problems with strong confidence. As a textbook supplement or a workbook, teachers, parents, and students will consider the Mathradar series a "Must-Have" prep for self -study and school work. This book offers the most comprehensive algebra study guide by combining Math Radar Algebra Parts I, II, and III. Students learn the essential tools of Algebra through concise lessons, examples, and numerous exercises, as well as improve their problem solving skills with the Solutions Manual (sold separately). The Solutions Manual for this text is sold separately, unlike Math Radar Algebra Parts I, II, and III. Using the Answer Key in the back of the book, you can easily check the correction of your problem and you can learn more about solving the problem using the Solutions Manual.

Recommended for grades 6-10, it covers the following 19 chapters:
Chapter 1: The Natural Numbers
Chapter 2. Integers and Rational Numbers
Chapter 3. Equations
Chapter 4. Inequalities
Chapter 5. Functions
Chapter 6. Fractions and Other Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 7. Monomials and Polynomials
Chapter 8. Systems of Equations
Chapter 9. Systems of Inequalities
Chapter 10. Linear Functions
Chapter 11. The Real Number System
Chapter 12. Factorization
Chapter 13. Quadratic Equations
Chapter 14. Rational Expressions (Algebraic Functions)
Chapter 15. Quadratic Functions
Chapter 16. Basic Statistical Graphs
Chapter 17. Descriptive Statistics
Chapter 18. The Concept of Sets
Chapter 19. Probability

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 208 pages
Publisher: Mathradar
13-Digit ISBN: 9780996045025
10-Digit ISBN: 0996045023