MCP 2005 Mathematics Student - 1st Grade

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Product Overview

MCP Math 2005 for first graders provides targeted intervention through a complete alternative program to core math textbooks. Extensive practice helps students learn and retain new concepts and skills. Visual learners get more support through a clean, uncluttered design that incorporates cues to enhance comprehension. MCP Math will also make math concepts accessible for English Language Learners with clear graphics, simple text, and practical teacher support. Build a strong foundation of math skills to better prepare students for math in middle school through direct instruction and problem-solving practice. Chapter tests, with new and updated content in problem solving, graphing, calculator/technology, algebraic reasoning, computational strategies, and communicating about mathematical processes, prepare students for standardized tests. Each two-page lesson focuses on one main objective. The first page begins with a developmental model to get your child started. The second page of the lesson provides practice and extension of the lessonÕs objective. A series of exercises and additional practice provides plenty of support for your child.

Product Details:

Format: Hardcover 298 pages
Recommended Grade Level: 1st grade
Publisher: Pearson Education
13-Digit ISBN: 9780765260567
10-Digit ISBN: 0765260565