Play, Say & Practice Teacher's Manual: Children's Character Curriculum

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At Play, Say & Practice, our teaching method follows this uncomplicated format: - Play through characters, endearing visuals, music, and activities children love. - Say a simple script that's included with every teacher's guide. - Practice the life lesson together, building their confidence so they will continue cultivating the behavior on their own. Here's how it works: During what feels like playtime, we guide children through social situations and empower them to act out feelings and concerns without fear of embarrassment. With the help of the characters you create together, children begin to recognize and modify their own behaviors. This launches the process of self-awareness and the ability to observe the impact of choices they make. Remember to order the accompanying Play, Say & Practice Student Workbook, which is filled with delightful projects and visuals.

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Format: Paperback 182 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
13-Digit ISBN: 9781519638625
10-Digit ISBN: 1519638620