Raising a Child with Dyslexia: What Every Parent Needs to Know, Hardcover

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Product Overview

Keyed to current, cutting edge research, this user-friendly guide provides detailed assistance to parents and educators who want to help dyslexic children achieve their best life.

Topics include signs of dyslexia parents can watch for at various ages, symptoms that warrant diagnosis by a professional, what to expect during the testing process, tips on working with the school to create an optimal learning environment, how to offer a safe, encouraging space where children can learn to manage the emotional fallout of the dyslexic struggle, and how to help children with dyslexia develop vital personal qualities and coping strategies that will enable them to approach life with courage, determination, perseverance, and joy.

Product Details:

Format: Hardcover 262 pages
Publisher: Cardboard Box Adventures
13-Digit ISBN: 9781937615550
10-Digit ISBN: 1937615553