Saxon Math High School Manipulative Kit

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Product Overview

Saxon Math High School Manipulative Kit contains concrete support and visual models for your algebra and geometry classrooms. Contains 1 cm Cubes, 2-color counters, Algebra Tiles Set, Double-Sided Geoboards, Geotool Compass, Number Cubes, Pattern Blocks, Plastic Color Tiles, Snap Cubes, Relational GeoSolids, Rulers, Student Balance with Mass Set, and Student Protractor. The manipulatives help students achieve grade level standards for math.

Saxon Math high school delivers proven results with an incremental structure that distributes content throughout the year. This integrated and connected approach provides deep, long-term mastery of the content and skills called for in the Common Core State Standards. Saxon Math 6 uses an incremental approach that gives students time to understand and practice the lesson. Concepts are distributed so students have time to practice and master previous concepts.

Product Details:

Format: Manipulative Kit 
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
13-Digit ISBN: 9781602776135