Senior Brain Games: 2048 Entertaining Word, Logic & Math Puzzles

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Product Overview

Senior Brain Games is the ultimate puzzle book for puzzle lovers and senior citizens! Interesting word, logic and math puzzles provide hours of fun and entertainment. Increase your IQ! Sharpen your memory! Boost your brain health! Improve your vocabulary! Get better in math & logic! Frequently we uncover an unexpected appreciation for a particular area of learning when it is presented in an enjoyable way.

Puzzle solving is an excellent brain maintenance activity that is regularly recommended by psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, medical doctors and cognitive therapists around the world. Did you know that solving puzzles accesses areas of the brain that are otherwise untouched by daily mental activities? For instance, solving our Diagonal Word Square Puzzles activates the brain's dictionary.

Words not used in everyday life become active again, and pattern recognition is engaged. Yes, our amazing, biological brains have processing powers similar to modern computers. In addition to activating brain dictionary usage, Word Search Puzzles involve the eyes visually scanning random letter patterns to locate words forward or backward, horizontally, vertically or diagonally. English is the ideal language for word search puzzles, as there are no accent marks, such as –, which tend to weaken otherwise challenging puzzles. The benefits of solving these stimulating puzzles are endless.

Word Game Puzzles expand vocabulary usage and improve spelling skills. Sudoku Logic Puzzles engage the logical processing part of the brain. The puzzles might appear to be mathematical, but they are not; in fact, letters can be used instead of digits in Sudoku puzzles. There are countless benefits when solving Shopping Math Puzzles, which teach us problem-solving skills that can be used when shopping at any grocery or department store. We first practice and solve mathematical word puzzles in elementary school, and continue as adults when we encounter math word "puzzles" in every day, real-life situations. The benefits of Air Travel Math Puzzles are similar to Shopping Math Puzzles, and allow us to explore and learn the geography of major USA, Canadian, Mexican and other world cities. Keep your brain in tip-top shape, and enjoy hours of enjoyment, by delving into the puzzles!

Product Details:

Format: Paperback 472 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
13-Digit ISBN: 9781986859011
10-Digit ISBN: 1986859010