Shirley Disseler's Strategies and Activities for Common Core Math Part 2

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Product Overview

This comprehensive program by Dr. Shirley Disseler contains strategies and activities to teach your 3rd to 5th grade students to master Common Core Mathematics Standards. Your students will develop a solid understanding of math concepts, procedural skill and fluency, and be able to apply math in their everyday lives. The complete program (Parts 1 and 2) gives strategies and activities for teaching every Common Core Standard for Mathematics in grades 3 to 5.

Inside Part 2, students learn Measurement & Data, Geometry, and Mathematical Practices Across the Common Core. Each chapter has dozens of new activities that teachers can use to align their math instruction with the Common Core Standards for Mathematics. The last chapter helps synthesize students learning through puzzler-type activities that can also be used as enrichment. All the activities include the step-by-step procedure for teaching, along with game boards, activity cards, recording sheets, and assessment materials.
ÒA series of relevant and engaging activities that will challenge students to think critically, problem solve, work collaboratively, and have fun while building, strengthening, and enhancing mathematical skills.Ó
--Tina Mashburn, Executive Director, Middle Grades Education

ÓProvides teachers with mathematically sound, well-crafted instructional strategies that help children develop independent, effective mathematical critical thinking.Ó
--Christie Weatherly, Principal

ÓA great resource, with easy-to-use and engaging activities that promote conceptual understanding of mathematics.Ó
--Sonja Parks Director of Elementary Education, Title I & AIG

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Format: Paperback 210 pages
Publisher: Raphel Marketing.
13-Digit ISBN: 9781938406379
10-Digit ISBN: 1938406370