Switched on Schoolhouse English 1 Homeschool Curriculum on USB Drive 9th Grade

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Product Overview

Switched-On Schoolhouse 9th Grade Language Arts is a colorful, computer-based course made with interactive multimedia tools. Valuable topics offered in this one-year course include language structure, literature language, comprehensive reading, communication, and a study of a novel. Essays and a library project are also included. Includes quizzes and tests.

Looking for a fun homeschool course for your computer-loving child? Perfect for the 21st century student, Switched-On Schoolhouse 9th Grade Language Arts is an exciting, computer-based English course filled with cutting-edge technology. Dynamic multimedia tools like video clips, animation, and interactive learning games are all included to create an appealing, colorful learning environment. Now, you can have quality academics, flexibility, and entertainment all together in the one complete homeschool curriculum. Trust us, your student will actually look forward to schoolwork when you use Switched-On Schoolhouse.

But that's just part of the story. Your child will receive a complete, quality course by studying topics like sentence structure, parts of speech, essays, and poetry. Plus, we've also included amazing new tools for parents. Imagine having automatic grading and lesson planning completed with the click of a mouse! Stop imagining. This must-have homeschool curriculum will give you that and more-how about a built-in calendar, quick-view assignment screens, and customizable curriculum right at your finger tips? You got it. and you'll get what you always wanted-more time with your child and less time doing paperwork. What could be better? Try it for yourself today. THE MIRACLE WORKER is a required reader sold separately. TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA is included as a PDF in Unit 9.

About Switched On Schoolhouse:

Switched On Schoolhouse is a computer based curriculum that does not use any printed materials. It is designed to run on Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. It does not run on Mac or any other operating systems besides Windows. The program requires 3 GB of hard drive space, but performance is optimized when using 10 GB of hard drive space.

Each package of Switched On Schoolhouse contains a USB 3.0 flash drive device which holds the installation files, the curriculum files for the courses purchased, a Quick Start Guide in PDF format, and a sticker with your serial number, which you will need during installation. Some packages contain two USB 3.0 flash drives to accommodate multiple subject sets.

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Product Details:

Format: USB Drive
Recommended Grade Level: 9th grade
Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications
13-Digit ISBN: 9780740337697
Item Code: uSOS900L