The Cause and Recovery for Childhood Autism, Diabetes and Arthritis Using Space Age Technology

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This book applies the authorÕs extensive professional knowledge of space age technology with his findings from 30 years of research in communications theory to determine the causes and keys to recovering from childhood autism, diabetes, and arthritis. His collaborations with counseling, psychologists and psychiatrists began in 1989 and continues today, working with holistic medicine practitioners and students and in the new field of predictive medicine for mental health.

The author, Len Losik, Ph.D, had his first experience with communications theory following his first graduation from college. Len became an expert in communications science used in Electrical Engineering to receive and transmit information from and to space. This education enhanced his knowledge about communications skills development used in other applications. Academically, Len earned three A.A. degrees, two B.S. degrees in Physics and Mathematics simultaneously, an M.A. degree and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. degree in Education. Professionally, the author is an award winning designer of spacecraft, satellite and rockets for the U.S. military and NASA. Len's most important accomplishment professionally occurred when he was the Boeing GPS Space and ground systems Manager and won funding for the U.S. Air Force's Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite-based navigation system by the Department of Defense/Pentagon.

In 2000, Len was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and began his personal experience with the talk therapy and pharmaceutical treatments for bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia using the standard cocktail of medications. In his personal research, Len discovered that through his own education and exposure to the mental health community, they had no idea what caused emotional and mental illnesses, describing them only by their symptoms. After spending 6 years on psychotropic medications, and suffering the primary and secondary side effects and dysfunction they caused him in his employment and failing to achieve any improvement but recognizing that his own understanding of his illnesses and symptoms was far greater than any of the many psychiatrists that treated him. So when the Canadian Space Agency requested that he apply his proprietary, predictive algorithms to the data from astronauts in training for a multi-year, interplanetary deep space mission to determine if he could predict which astronauts would become mentally ill, he agreed to do it.

Len lives in California. He's married and a father of three children and a grandfather to five grandchildren.

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