Uniquely Normal: Tapping the Reservoir of Normalcy to Treat Autism

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Author Robert J. Bernstein introduces his novel, intuitive approach in which he has spent a lifetime helping people of all ages on the autism spectrum - many of whom have never spoken -- in which he communicates with them on their terms, allowing them to lead. His "cognitive approach" to those on the spectrum is based on his perception that autism is "uniquely normal" in which "we have to tap into their reservoir of `normal' so they can understand us, because we perplex them as much as we are often perplexed by autism."

The first part of his book explains the basis of his concept, which he considers the antithesis of the popular and, often expensive, ABA therapy. The second part of the book consists of a number of his cases, all of which illustrate his techniques, which he points out are categorized by age groups because the age of the person somewhat changes the approach: 2-5 years of age; 6-10 years of age; 11-14 years of age;19 years of age and up. This landmark book is written to teach others to use his cognitive approach in an attempt to unlock people with ASD so they might be able to live in the world and connect with the people in it as themselves. His goal is to give them a voice to express their unique humanity, so they might engage more fully in the human interactions that give life meaning and "make it worth the effort to get out of bed every day."

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Format: Paperback 336 pages
Publisher: Future Horizons
13-Digit ISBN: 9781941765463
10-Digit ISBN: 1941765467