Why Measure? The 10 Day Portrait Drawing Crash Course

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My system works! Myself, students and artists of all levels are proving it every day, so why not you? Now, throw away those measuring sticks. Tear up your tracing paper! Stop wasting time drawing up grids! Learn something simple that works! Create your own STYLE of drawing, like your handwriting with a breakthrough technique that teaches you naturally!

This book will give you confidence in your drawing. See improved results in DAYS! This 10-Day Portrait Drawing Crash Course is unlike any other you have ever seen, read, watched or class you have attended. Although this book is small in volume, inside you will find a wealth of experience, tips and knowledge gained over more than 70 years. It will truly take you step by step on a 10-day unique journey towards achieving your very own style and signature in portraiture drawing. All this will be accomplished by you devoting your time, effort and practice for the next 10 days, without any aids ( or crutches) of using camera projection, the pre drawing of grids, *tracing or measuring.

I could have called this book 'Scribble Your Style Into Portraits', because I want you to keep all your drawings and exercises very 'loose'. Do not worry about making nice clean marks on the paper, really scribble every line and mark you make. No other person can scribble or write like you and this ultimately should be your goal to establishing your own 'style' Along the way you will be introduced to various tips and techniques, some old, some new, but all tried, tested and proven. These methods will guide you towards progressing your skill and your own style, like your written signature. Have faith, practice well and before this short course is ended, you will SEE your efforts rewarded.

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Format: Paperback 52 pages
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
13-Digit ISBN: 9781480235410
10-Digit ISBN:1480235415